All are from the dust and all will return to dust. Individuals, thrown into the world at the end of the 19th century without knowing why, acquire self-consciousness and painfully experience the tragedy of life. Out of loneliness, they start looking for love. A man unsuccessfully tries to win the heart of a woman by making fun of other nations. Rejected, he drastically denies love and gets himself a job in a factory as an assembly line worker, trying to switch off his thinking. An exhausted individual comes home and has too little to eat. He leaves the house and goes to a pub where he witnesses a change of morality. People feel the need to cross the boundaries of everyday life. They are longing for danger, they are aiming for the extreme. A clairvoyance, the Sibyl, predicts a bad ending, but nobody is listening. Everywhere, the call of war is heard. After a lot of propaganda by the authorities, suddenly one man takes action. The first tree is chopped. The steel reinforcement cages are falling. Franz Ferdinand from Austria dies and war is upcoming. Soon, the European soil will be a giant offering table on which millions of young men are slaughtered.

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